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VGA Port on Dell 15R 5520?


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Hi there,

My laptop info here:
Dell Inspiron 15R 5520
Core i5 3210M - 8GB RAM - SSD 120GB - BCM943225HMB - Intel HD4000 & AMD 7670M - 1366x768

I'm on El Capitan. My issue is that the VGA port doesn't work. I asked my friend and he said because the discrete graphic card control the VGA port and it's disabled then VGA port doesn't work.

Is it true? Does the 7670M controls VGA port? How to check and verify it?

If it's not then how to get my VGA port worked?

Thank you

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I could not say whether your friend's statement re: VGA control is true or not, but VGA output off IvyBridge iGPU is not usually supported OOB under OS X and requires FrameBuffer patching. Since you run on your integratedHD4000, I would expect you need the VGA patch applied to your Capri FrameBuffer.


You'll find details of the patch here. Identify your active HD4000 layout-id (0x0166xxxx), then experiment with the described VGA patching possibilities until you hopefully find the value that works. Keep a backup of the vanilla Capri FB of course!

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