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[Information only] macOS 10.12 Sierra unveiled


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Apple presented its new version of Mac computers OS yesterday: macOS 10.12, called Sierra. DB1 version (16A201w) was made available to developers after the WWDC.


Note that Sierra requires SSE4.1-capable CPUs so Penryn C2D CPUs -in which the instruction set was introduced- are the oldest that will do (eg: mobile T8xxx, T9xxx) but not older Merom models just won't (eg: mobile T7xxx). CPU upgrade may therefore be required for older C"D systems.


Enoch boot loader was updated for Sierra by Micky1979 thereafter.  :P


I attempted installation on my E6230 using the classic manual procedure. Apart from VoodooPS2Controller-related KP (same sort of issue as previously encountered from El Capitan 10.11.4, different kext required), all went well and smooth. From this onset, most people can therefore expect an easy-enough future installation on their Hackintosh(es). Let's see how this develops over the next few months until official launch of Sierra in the autumn.





It's the 1st DB version so it naturally has bugs and may not support all hardware components. Bluetooth support appears problematic for instance.


As stated at WWDC, Sierra only supports Mac models from late 2009, not before. As such, expect messages such as "macOS Sierra cannot be installed on this computer" if you use the SMBIOS of an unsupported/older Mac model. For instance, Sierra will not install on a D630 nVidia when using the usual MBP5,1 SMBIOS; that's late 2008... Sierra will however install with a supported SMBIOS such as MBP7,1 and the required associated adjustments (eg: USB injector kext mods). Upon macOS installation, there's no initial graphics acceleration but the original MBP5,1 SMBIOS can be safely re-instated and everything then works as before.





macOS Sierra brings some behaviour change at the moment. For instance, some kexts such as VoodooHDA + AppleHDADisabler no longer load from /L/E, only from /S/L/E. They won't even inject at startup from /E/E with boot option KernelBooter_kexts=Yes.


Also met success on the SandyBridge/HD3000 E6220 but I have to report that graphics can appear a little buggy at times (screen artefacts/blurred text/etc.).




And same on Haswell/HD4600 E6440, though booting the USB installer was difficult and I had to change ports several times until it booted.



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2nd Developper Beta released today (version 16A239j):

  • D630, Penryn C2D/nVidia Quadro NVS 135M -> Ok
  • E6220, Sandy Bridge i5/HD3000 -> Ok
  • E6230, Ivy Bridge i5/HD4000 -> Ok
  • E6440, Haswell i5/HD4600 -> Ok


Cache rebuild systematically reports an error but appears Ok (computers reboot fine and quick afterwards):

KernelCache ID: 20FECA3505CEEE55E16D0FD8236A6E14
symlink("/System/Library/PrelinkedKernels/prelinkedkernel", "/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/kernelcache") failed 17 (File exists) <createPrelinkedKernel 2795>
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3rd Developper Beta (16A254g) released today.


  • D630, Penryn C2D/nVidia Quadro NVS 135M -> Ok
  • E6220, Sandy Bridge i5/HD3000 -> Ok (but using previous version of patched AppleHDA is now KO)
  • E6230, Ivy Bridge i5/HD4000 -> Ok (but using previous version of patched AppleHDA is now KO)
  • E6440, Haswell i5/HD4600 -> Ok (but using previous version of patched AppleHDA is now KO)
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