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macOS Sierra DP1 DELL E7440 Bootpack (Clover)


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Hi All!


If you want to test macOS Sierra, i packed my config and kexts for this (Clover)

The serial is autogenerated.... Replace if you need....


The touchpad not working fully, no scroll and multi gestures, and HW audio buttons not work... (Only this oldest ApplePS2 found in the net thats does not KP....)

But this is preview release, i think this problems changed in the future...


And if you need run "Unidentified Developers Programs" open terminal and paste:

sudo spctl --master-disable 

The pack contains 10.11 and 10.12 folder if you need a dual boot with El Capitan, and latest Clover 3566 with SecondStage Glitch Patch for 10.12

In ToSLE folder, install these kext to SLE.... Or LE...


Thank For This Great Community for all hard work


( And Sorry my bad english... )



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