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Flashing BIOS of Dell laptops


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Newbie question: How did you flash the bios? (First install Windoes, then flash or is there a faster method?)



That is how it is done:

Upgrading with a FreeDOS USB drive

Follow the directions here to create a FreeDOS USB drive: http://chtaube.eu/computers/freedos/bootable-usb/

After you've done that:

1. Eject the USB drive, then re-insert it so you can see the new FreeDOS file system.

2. Copy your BIOS update file to the drive.

3. Reboot, press F12 for the one-time boot menu, and boot from the USB Storage Device.

4. Choose "fdos".

5. Choose "4 - Load FreeDOS without drivers."

6. Execute the BIOS update.

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