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Dell XPS 15 L502X: freezes under 10.11/10.12 DP


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Hi Seniors,


I am facing intermittent screen freeze problems while minimizing any browser. I could only solve using switchresx by increasing sync values. But while using switchresx the screen looks dull. The same problem follows in 10.12 DP. Unable to solve till now.


Yosemite is working smooth. 


My Laptop Specs:


DELL XPS 15 L502X,

i5 2450m,2GB Nvidia graphics, 8GB Ram, 1 TB HDD.


Thanks in advance.

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I am sorry for replying late. Please explain how to tune HD 3000 graphics. It worked Out-of-box in 10.10.5. no issues at all. 
I am finding this problem from 10.11 onwards. 
I am using DSDT & SSDT to disable Nvidia graphics. Thanks in advance

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Yes I did patch HD3000 using Rehabman DSDT patches. My screen resolution is 1366x768.
I have one small doubt. DSDT change with different macOS?. Because DSDT which I use with 10.10 have no problems. Same DSDT i am using now for El Capitan.
The problem solves if I use Switchresx and change VSync.

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