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Dell E6530 El Capitan can't get to installer GUI


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This is my first hack project.

I followed the guide for the 6530, put all the kexts, etc.


I cannot get to the GUI of the installer. Tried all USB ports, with and without docking station, with internal and external display.

Mine only has the crappy 1366x768 resolution - wonder if that is what I need to adapt somewhere.


After loading a bunch of stuff either in standard or in verbose mode - my display just kind of dissolves into stripes and then just turns black at some point.



- i5 3210M

- 16GB RAM

- intel HD4000 (only)

- 1366x768 display

- Crucial CT240M SSD



Any help is appreciated.




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Thanks! That worked.

Had to finish the installation in safe mode but now it seems to work OK.


Still need to see whether I can get sound and iMessage working.

Also there's an update for the RAW camera pack or whatever - every time it tries to install it and reboot, it goes into a reboot loop until I complete one safe mode boot.

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