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How to hackintosh Dell latitude d430 with no mac?


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You'll find what you need in the old general D430 thread. I listed details of my SL installation in post #140. It's old stuff and you'd need to forget about the old EDP part but you'll get very good pointers.



I also recommend you refer to this.




If you have no access to a Mac or a Hack, I can recommend Nawcom's ModCD (bootable CD; look it up on the web, should be available at osx86.net) and retail SL DVD (10.6/10.6.3/10.6.8) or its image restored to USB key (more difficult to do/obtain if you don't have access to a Mac/Hack). Obviously, you'll need the external CD/DVD drive.


You can still buy SL from Apple. I know that a large majority of Hackintoshers would never consider spending $20 on this, but it's the ultimate base from which you can create Lion/ML/Mav/Yos/EC/Sierra USB installer.


I posted full details of a Nawcom's ModCD method again in this D420 thread and it's fully applicable to the D430. I recommend you also read other D430 threads posted in this very D4xx section.


Otherwise, there are ways to create a USB installer from Windows or from within a Virtual Machine but I've never used any of those. You can still search the web for that. Failing all that, there are methods I won't mention but, as usual, Google is your friend...


One last thing, but an important one in case you had missed it: you cannot run Mac OS beyond Lion 10.7.5 (or hacked MLPF ML) on that machine due to Intel GMA950 graphics. You can certainly install ML, Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan but you'd have no support for the GMA950, i.e. no graphics acceleration and the system would run like a dog with bad graphics.

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