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[SOLVED] E5430: no audio under Yosemite


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You should stick to patching the Yosemite vanilla AppleHDA. I'd never use kexts of a version n+1 on a version n; it's usually the opposite...


If using Clover, apply the on-the-fly patch alongside the complementary IDT audio kext which can be placed in /L/E (or /S/L/E) followed by usual permissions repair + cache rebuild. You may also inject it through the EFI/Clover/kexts/10.10 folder but that's obviously not cached and therefore slower.


The Latitude E5430 is using same IDT 92HD93 codec as the E6x30 series. As such, you can use the following on-the-fly patch in Clover, alongside the attached IDT kext:

Find: 8B19D411
Replace by: 00000000

Find: 8419D411
Replace by: DF761D11

There are 2 x occurences of each binary replacement if you ever wanted to do it manually in the actual vanilla AppleHDA kext binary file. 




And, if required: Vanilla_AppleHDA_10.10.5.kext.zip


The exact same on-the-fly/binary patch and IDT kext are re-usable with EC 10.11 and Sierra 10.12.

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