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D420 and 10.6.5 & 6


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I have a D420. Everything runs perfect. I use OSX 10.6.4.

Upgrading to 10.6.5 or even 10.6.6 has been a total video

nightmare.. Simply I loose video acceleration ( no OpenGL) and for the likes of me

, I have tried almost everything stated on the net..included replace some

KEXT from 10.6.2 iondriv ..etc..etc..

so please can someone tell me about DSDT..maybe I can get it to work that way..

what do I need to do? also do Still need the GMA 950 kexts? if using DSDt. files?



stuck on 10.6.4

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Just grap the latest EDP from the forum here:




Install it, use build-in update and then reboot.. taaadaaa :)


Ok..Question, does the base OSX has to be a fresh install? Cause the current one installed is not

fresh version. (10.6.2 hazard) then I upgraded to 10.6.4 no issues.

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Shouldent have to be, even tho that we strongly urge you to use a real "paid and bought" apple installation cd (osx is so cheap, that there is no reason to pirate it) :)


It was only more of the technical side..but I do have two retail versions. 10.6.0. and 10.6.3.. im going to do a clean install.


PS: I did the heat sink modification: NIGHT AND DAY...wow its so much cooler... thanks.


Please advice where i can make a contribution.

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Well I can't say it has gone smootly...in comparison with 10.6.4.


However I bearly got it to work. With some things that just I don't understand why they dont.

Example. I have to boot with ignor boot chaches (-F)..otherwise kernel panics.

and second the trackpad and mouse stick..dont work... thats bascily it. Everthing else is fine.


my 2 cents.. does anyone have the same issue?

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