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E5430 Ivy El Capitan Wake from sleep


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Hi guys!

I've installed El Capitan to my Latitude E5430. I have used dsdt from my Yosemite installation, which I did according to this topic

Now the system works very good, almost all work fine, no glitches, video, camera, sound, networks and bluetooth are OK.


But, I can't solve problem with sleeping mode. If laptop is connected to power supply, he will wake up after one second, sometimes go to sleep again, and again wake up, permanently.

I've tried to remove PRM methods from DSDT, nothing has changed.

Reason for waking up is EHC2, I think integrated web-camera. If I disable it in BIOS, and system doesn't see this webcam - sleep mode works fine. But one more strange thing, even if webcam is disabled in BIOS, sometimes webcam is still active, from boot to boot...


I'm not so familiar with OSX installation, maybe I do something wrong... Any help?

There is my EFI folder attached.EFI.zip


p.s. After any system updates I have to boot once with -v -s -f -x flags, otherwise I will have kernel panic. Its normal to El Capitan?


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