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E6420 El Capitan freezing on Windows Minimize

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Hello All,


first of thanks to all here at OSXLATITUDE. Thanks to you im now on my third Hackintosh. They have given me lots of joy :)


I used the guide posted here by Jake Lo and was able to get EL CAPITAN 10.11.6 running on my E6420. it runs very smooth and fast and i have triple boot option with Clover. (Linux, OSX, Windows)... I know windows... but i need it for work.


issue I'm having is that I'm experiencing freezes on OSX but ONLY when minimizing a window. right now i have only seen it while minimizing Safari, so i have been using chrome instead, but every so often im now getting it on chrome as well.

when i hit minimize, the windows starts mimizing and freezes half way through, and then it goes all the way down. (see attached picture)


I wonder if anyone can shed some light on this issue. is there a log of some sort i can share to try and understand this issue ?


I wonder if it has anything to do with the triple boot and that i had to go to linux and load a program to keep all 3 partitions in sync since the drive became GPT/MBR Hybrid. as per the guide for the triple boot i had to load "gptsync", which makes the partitions stay in sync. I only mention this because thats an old guide (2010) and while everything works it may be outdated and maybe causing the issue.


any thoughts ?



Dell E6420 


525 GB Crucial SSD

intel i7 2.8Ghz

1600x900 Display

Using the bootpack EFI from the guide posted here.


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well, i havre removed the "gptsync" as it appears it is no longer needed to keep the partitions insync, but im still experiencing the freezing when minimizing windows.


is there a log i can look at to troubleshoot my issue ?






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after getting some answers on another forum it was pointed out to me this is an OSX bug regarding pixel clock speed.

i had to use SwitchResX and drop from 60Hz to 40Hz. now the issue is gone.


Im posting this here because of the large user community here and there's got to be other users here with the 1600x900 resolution on their Latitude E6420 and i wondered if they also had a similar problem on EL Capitan.


Maybe this bug has been resolved on MacOS Sierra.




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