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yoga 710 fan control


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I'm new here,

I have a big question,

I would also pay for a solution,


Could it possible to create a DSDT Patch for the yoga 710 ?

I found a really big thread by Lenovo and there are some guides to override the ec control (this solutions are for windows)


I can add the link if this is helpful.


Perhaps someone can tell me how I can get the right information from my notebook to create a dsdt patch?


I also have a unlocked Bios, but the Thermal Settings don't work for me. Cause I can't disable the ec control.

Best Regards


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what type of thermal issues are you having? cpu can be that it needs a proper SSDT generated for your cpu or you need new thermal compound or the fan needs servicing from dust. if its gpu it might need GPUPM tuning. or also needs fresh thermal paste/ cleaning or you need to specify a better smbios closer to your hardware.

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I don't think that the issue is by the smbios, on windows lots of people have the same problem that the fan is alltime running,
Lenovo dont solve this but at the Lenovo thread I found a program to override the ec (embedded controller)
For the probock there is a same dsdt patch that Mac can control the ec over acpi.
The Fan start at 31C 
and don't stop.
I have patched dsdt and ssdt files and dropped oem.
All is working fine. Backlight control battery, sound wlan bluetooth.
A other guy mean I can write a own acpi dsdt but I never have scripted this,
I can work with php html css .. but not with hardware specific programming.

I also don't know wich modules are for the right actions.
It would be nice, if there is a way to setup also the start stop ec variables to the dsdt to get a controlled fan on macOS

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I have found this:
A other guy mean the ec can controlled over the acpi, but I need to change the dsdt patch txt

This does not exist at the lenovo


Also I found a dsdt patch for a other Lenovo here at your forum.


the NBFC config file for the Lenovo is this here:


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<FanControlConfigV2 xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance">
  <NotebookModel>Lenovo Yoga 710 KabyLake</NotebookModel>
      <FanSpeedPercentageOverrides />
  <RegisterWriteConfigurations />

perhaps this could help

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