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Need help with Sierra on M6700


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So I have M6700

i5 3320m
8gb ddr3
intel hd 4000 + AMD fireGLpro m6000
IDT 92HD93 audio
Atheros Ar5B95
I created USB with clover and after few tries I managed to install sierra
but I can boot OS X only if I first boot windows and then restart and boot OS X otherwise booting stops half way
I can't get intel graphics to work, not to mention AMD, my usb-s don't work, well I just have screen and mouse and keyboard working 
so I need help in getting graphics, wifi, sound and usb working
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:-P did that and managed to boot with working graphics, wifi, but without sound 

after some time of searching on my other machine for solution wit sound I noticed that my dell had gone in sleep or something like that, but it would not turn on.

I turned it off by force but after that there is no way to start OS X, so I booted windows and discovered that I don't have intel graphics anymore

rebooted and entered bios but now there is no Optimus option in video settings??


so now I don't know how to get Optimus back and is there maybe a way to use OS X with AMD graphics???


Its AMD FirePro M6000 0x68251002 (its basically 7870m graphics) I know its supported but also hard to configure to work

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Add this to /Library/Extensions and repair permission and rebuild cache.


sudo chmod -Rf 755 /L*/E*

sudo chown -Rf 0:0 /L*/E*
sudo touch -f /L*/E*
sudo kextcache -Boot -U /
Sleep not working might be due to the AMD card and will need to be disable by DSDT. I'm still looking into that.
I'll see if AMD is supported and make the necessary patches to work.
Reset your BIOS and reboot and see it it comes back. Strange behavior.
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8-)  :-P  8-)
I managed to get Optimus through windows, by running dell command update now I'm back in OS X 
I already found that kext but put it in a wrong place so now sound works also
so now
I have working Sierra 
with full working Intel HD 4000
all of USB ports are working
sound also
both mouses but without multitouch
basically all that I need is working
if you ever find a way to enable AMD graphics a would be interested

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