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Fix for Boot0:error (HDD 4k sector Chameleon bug)


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The question keeps propping up now and then, so I hope this dedicated thread can provide the direct answer to this FAQ which has been given several times before.


There is a known bug in Chameleon/Enoch that can prevent booting modern/recent HDDs formatted with a 4k sector and on which Chameleon/Enoch was installed with default boot file settings.The issue can be fixed by installing the boot1h Chameleon boot file to your HDD's OS X/macOS partition.


The USB installer key will be required to fix the problem as follows:

  1. copy the attached Chameleon/Enoch i386 folder to the root of your USB key (this i386 folder can be extracted off any Chameleon/Enoch installation package with Pacifist app)
  2. boot the USB installer and get to the main OS X/macOS installation screen
  3. open up Disk Utility through the Tools menu and take a note of the partition device name (e.g.: disk0s2 or disk0s3). Unmount the partition and close Disk Utility. An alternative is to use df or diskutil list Terminal commands.
  4. open up Terminal through the Tools menu.
  5. type the following command to copy the boot1h file to the Sierra partition: dd if=/i386/boot1h of=/dev/
  6. exit OS X/macOS installer and reboot

You should now be able to boot your OS X/macOS partition without problems.



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