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dell latitude e6230 reboot + kernal panic when ac is unplugged or booting from battery


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i did freah install of el capitan 10.11.3 following the clover guide on this site


everything is working fine but when the ac is unplugged screen goes black and reboot the i get kernal panic, when i try to boot from battery i get kernal panic as well so now I can't use it without ac plugged in


any help would be appreciated

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Same thing happens to me. I have two E6230 both with Sierra installed with Jake Lo's guide 'Clover El Capitan/Sierra Guide'. One is an i5 and it's OK. The other is an I3, and it works only on AC adapter. It doesn't boot from battery. It reboots if I unplug the AC.

Same files for both, same config.plist, but different processors. Is it wrong? I swapped batteries, no change. Help nedeed... :geek:




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Yes they are both on A11. It's an i3-3110M 2.4 ghz.

Revising Bios setting today I noticed a difference. In the I3 there is no entry for Turbo Boost.

I simply removed  'DisableTurboBoostBattery.kext' from Clover/Efi/kekts/Other/Le and from Library/Extensions. Problem

solved. Now boots and works with battery. Now I read on the net that my i3 CPU doesn't support Turbo Boost.

Here is a copy of the Efi with the kext removed.EFI copy.zip

Thank You Hervé.

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