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Flash to latest bios w/o os

Guest macaroni

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Guest macaroni

Thanks folks for the great resources here!


First post, hopefully not a duplicate, but after searching "flash bios" I didn't get any hits, so thought this might come in handy if someone happened to be in my situation, that is:


No o.s. installed, how do I flash to the latest bios? (This is really basic, but was new to me)


This is from dell bios flash


Download System Rescue cd and burn it. (try source forge)

Download the latest bios from Dell and copy it to a flash drive formatted FAT

Boot from System Rescue CD and choose freedos from the menu (When FreeDOS boots make sure you do NOT load HIMEM and EMM386, in fact just hit enter)

Change to your flash drive (likely it's drive c, so type c:)

Then type dir to get list of files

Find your bios.exe file name and just type that name exactly (w/o exe)

It'll go right into bios flash, let 'er rip, wait for it to reboot



Hope it helps, and like every post you ever read about bios flashing says, make sure you do your research first, you can trash your computer if you do it wrong.

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