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[SOLVED] E5440 camera/facetime not working in sierra


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I have a latitude e5440 and currently I'm running os x 10.12.5. My hackintosh works great except for facetime. When I launch it the program says "no camera available. To use facetime, connect a camera". I was able to use facetime under Yosemite, but I've had no luck under El Capitan or Sierra.


This certainly isn't a deal breaker for me, but it would  be nice to fix if feasible. Anyone encounter and successfully fix this problem?

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Obviously, a webcam of some sort!


Since moving to El Capitan and Sierra, you've probably never applied the necessary USB fixes: renaming of DSDT USB devices + installation of a USB injector kext. You can look that up...

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Hi Disasterinc,

Can you post your clover folder , i have also a hackintosh E5440 with Sierra 10.12.2 and some problems :

-Audio : External speaker OK but internal headphone NOK

-WWAN : impossible to configure a WWAN 

Best regards

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