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Lenovo M58 ThinkCentre: issue with ATI HD5450 graphics under High Sierra 10.13 DP1


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Hello everyone.

I have been running multiple versions of OS X/macOS on the Lenovo M58 ThinkCentre (SFF) and ATI HD5450 without too many problems.

The only problem is, the DeviceID for my Graphics Card is 0x68E11002. I would like to use 0x68E01002 as fakeID, so I don't need to patch AMDRadeonX3000 manually.

In El Capitan and Sierra I could simply put my DeviceID in the info.plist of that kext and it works, but of course I have to repatch it with every update.

Unfortunately this trick does not work any more in High Sierra 10.13 Beta. When I add my device ID to AMDRadeonX3000 kext, I won't even get to the boot screen, it hangs in a black screen with a cursor and seems to be stuck in some kind of loop. When I delete AMDRadeonX3000 kext it boots again, but of course without QE/CI. So I am kind of forced to use fakeID via Clover or DSDT (I think).

I tried to use Clover FakeID to change the DeviceID, but it always shows up as 68E1 and not 68E0, no matter what I try.

 I am using Clover r4084 at the moment, but also tried r4077, r4079, FakeID does not work for me.

I tried to patch the DSDT in different ways, but it is always showing 68E1 as deviceID.

I tried the config.plist+DSDT from this post, no difference.


I hope someone can figure this out.

Kind regards,



my bdmesg:



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