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Lenovo Z51-70 - macOS Sierra


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​I am new to the Hackintosh community, and would like to install Sierra on my Lenovo Z51-70. I tried to install it by following this guide made for the Lenovo Z50-70, which has not exactly the same hardware. I managed to install it and make it run, but without graphic acceleration, no screen brightness control, no sound... The tutorial did not work with my configuration and finished by making my Sierra to not boot anymore. And I was not able to make it boot with my AMD GPU.

​Did someone managed to make it work with his Z51 ? Could someone make a little tutorial for me with files to download ?

​Detailed specs of my computer :

  • ​Intel Core i5-5200
  • Intel HD5500 GPU
  • AMD Radeon M360 GPU (hybrid graphic card)
  • 4GB RAM

Thank you in advance.


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