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Latitude 3470: macOS Sierra Freezes when plugging in/out the power cord (AC Adapter)


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Hello guys! It's my first time here.


I've been hackintoshing for many years on a lot of laptops and desktops, but this laptop is giving me a lot of headache, so I need help.


The Machine is a Dell Latitude 3470 (i7-6500u version)


I have almost everything working fine on the machine, except for a little problem that is very annoying:

Every time I plug in or plug out the laptop charger the system freezes and I need to force-restart the machine by holding the power button for some seconds.


I have already tried a lot of bios configurations, a lot of different SMBIOSes, different versions of Clover, different versions of macOS Sierra, different DSDT and SSDT patches, removing the ACPIBatteryManager kext and nothing seams to solve this problem.


So, here I leave some details of the machine:


SMBIOS: MacBookPro11,1

CPU: Intel Core i7-6500u

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520 and NVIDIA GeForce GT 920M

Memory: 12GB 1600MHz DDR3 (4GB + 8GB)

Display: 14" with the resolution of 1366x768

Storage: Kingston SSD UV400 with 120GB


What is working:

  • Keyboard (via RehabMan's VoodooPS2Controller.kext)
  • Trackpad (via RehabMan's VoodooPS2Controller.kext)
  • CPU power management (confirmed with Intel Power Gadget App)
  • HD 520 QE/CI acceleration (via Clover and other patches)
  • HDMI (after getting HD 520 QE/CI acceleration)
  • HDMI Audio (with audio_cloverHDMI-120_v1.0d.command script)
  • VGA (I know that it is unsupported, but I think it is an internal DP with an adapter to VGA, because it shows up as DP)
  • Ethernet (via RTL8111 kext)
  • USB 3.0 (OOB)
  • USB 2.0 (OOB)
  • Battery indicator (just with ACPIBatteryManager.kext)
  • Audio, Internal speakers, microphone (Using patched AppleHDA.kext for my ALC256 codec)
  • Integrated Webcam (It is an UVC one, so it works OOB)
  • Screen Brightness Control (Using DSDT patch)
  • Bluetooth (Works OOB with stock Wi-Fi+BT card)
  • Usb Wi-Fi TP-LINK Archer T4U (as a temporary solution)
  • Keyboard function keys (volume up/down and media controls)
  • SATA (just with SATA-100-series-unsupported.kext)


What's not working:

  • Sleep (It goes to sleep but doesn't wake up back, so I had to disable it to all profiles with "sudo pmset -a sleep 0")
  • Sleep when lid closes (after using "sudo pmset -a sleep 0" it puts just the display to sleep) 
  • Internal Wi-Fi (As I'm still using the unsupported stock card. Planning on buying Dell DW1560 card with BCM94352Z)
  • SD Card Reader (Its a Realtek one, and I think that there is no kext to it out there)
  • Keyboard brightness keys (when pressing any of them the system also freezes)
  • Shutdown (system restarts instead of shutting down, but it not a big problem)
  • Audio jack (I'm using a patched AppleHDA.kext for my ALC256 which promises combo-jack working, but neither regular jack works)
  • Internal display when there is one or more externals plugged in (when plugging HDMI and/or VGA the internal display goes to a black screen with backlit on. I fix it with the "put display to sleep" hot corner: Just putting all displays to sleep, waking them back makes the internal one work properly, even with two connected displays at the same time)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GT 920M (I have disabled it in BIOS because I think that there is no way to get it to work, maybe because of the Graphics Switching technology which is kwon unsupported)  


I hope any of you can help me to solve this annoying problem.


Attached is my EFI folder.



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No EFI folder attachment found. Use the More Reply Options to attach it but compress the folder first.

Try disabling Legacy Option ROMs if you haven't already. That might fix some of the weird issues. 

MBP11.1 is for Haswell, try switching to MBP13.1 or 13,2 for Skylake, MBP13.3 disables HDMI video for my E7470.

The Internal monitor going black when plugging in external monitor issue also occurs on mine. The 2 workarounds for me are

1) close the LID until the external monitor becomes primary and then opening the LID, don't unplug the external monitor, othwise, a reboot might be needed,

2) place system to sleep first, wake it up and then plug in external monitor without issue afterward.


Shutdown issue, try disabling wake on LAN/WLAN/etc...

What issue are you having with sleep? Wakes to a black screen?

What patches did you apply to your DSDT/SSDT?

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