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[SOLVED] E7450 Sierra (Nvidia) garbled login screen


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I have E7450 (with 840m). BIOS version is A15. Latest Sierra install form app store.

I followed Jake Lo's guides:

I used EFI_v4119.zip generic EFI, replaced some files with those from E7450_840m.zip as per instructions here

Patched both 0x15b and 0x15c, changed SATA mode to AHCI.

Booting goes fine, but unfortunately initial screen where I should select language is garbled and unusable.


Any advice? What I am doing (did) wrong?


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Thank you for quick reply Jake.




I need to edit my complete post now in order to avoid possible confusion.


You posted two different archives with same name and I downloaded both of them. I guess I somehow managed to add wrong one to EFI and I was getting service exited with abnormal code 1 errors



So I compared files from E7450_A15_Disabled-840m.zip and E7450_840m.zip and noticed few differences in config.plist, but most noticeable difference that I noticed was (not) using NewWay

I also noticed that some files in ACPI/patched folder are not same. Those two files are different:

So I tired to replace files that I mentioned, but I still had same problem.
Then I tried again with EFI_4128.zip and E7450_A15_Disabled-840m.zip. Replaced Boot and Clover folders on USB and tried again.

It boots, but I have garbled screen again.


I guess I need to check everything again, since I need to be sure that this time I did everything properly.

btw. I knew that mentioned files were update only, so I tried to make bootpack myself before I posted here. I combined files from E7450_Sierra.zip, E7450_840m.zip and RehabMan-FakePCIID-2017-0527.zip, and then add those to EFI_v4119.zip, but obviously I messed something up.  :)

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