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[SOLVED] Kernel Panic at Sierra/El Capitan on DELL E6420 Intel HD3000


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after my heating problems with my Latitude 6420 with Nvidia graphics, I bought a used Latiude 6420 with Intel graphics.


Now, nearly every boot of the install USB disk of Sierra or El Capitan result in a KP.

If I use the same USB-disk on my old laptop, it boots through until the install screen.


I just see, that the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext is the problem.

But I reused my old Core i7 QuadCore and also the "new" Core i5 DualCore throw this KP.


I think, it could be a HW issue of the mainboard, but I am not sure.


Is it possible, to scroll through or save the whole printout?


Thank you!

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Hi Jake Lo,


that was exactly the guide I followed. I used the same USB drive and on the HD3000 laptop the KP appear.

On the NVidia one everything works for installation.


Is it possible to save the boot log somehow and read through on another machine?

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Yes, I renamed the SDT to the one with the lower resolution depending on the display properties.

I have enabled Optimus in the working one, to use the Intel graphics instead, to avoid to change the whole bootpack.


But on this laptop it will work.

On the other one, I have this KP in 9 of 10 bootups.

I have no glue, why it works in 1 of 10 cases.

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