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How do I verify graphics acceleration (QE/CI)?


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Graphics acceleration is one of the most important required feature to run OS X/macOS properly. Without it, OS performance is poor to extremely poor depending on the hardware specs of the computer, especially the CPU.


Graphics acceleration can be verified through the following (non-exhaustive) actions:

  • Translucent Finder's bar (most visible from Snow Leopard to Mavericks)
  • LaunchPad through Dock icon (clicking in and out of LaunchPad should be quick and totally smooth)
  • DVD player app -> Help Menu -> Show Supported Features (all should be enabled)
  • Desktop switching through Ctrl-Up/Ctrl-Down/Ctrl-Left/Ctrl-Right (should be quick and smooth)
  • Desktop and Screen Saver PrefPane (all desktop pictures and screen savers should show Ok)


Without graphics acceleration, system will feel laggy and graphics glitches will occur.

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