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How do I revert CoreStorage logical volume/partition to legacy mode?


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CoreStorage logical volume management was introduced by Apple in Lion. Since Yosemite, Apple has forced its utilisation by default. Whilst this is Ok with Clover-based installations, it is not with Chameleon/Enoch-based ones because these cannot boot CoreStorage volumes. As such, after fresh installations and, sometimes, updates (depending on how the installation was made), it's therefore necessary to revert CoreStorage volumes to legacy mode.
This is achieved with Terminal commands through the following method:

  • verify CoreStorage status and identify volume
diskutil list
  • if logical volume found/listed, revert to legacy volume mode
diskutil CoreStorage revert <disk identifier> (eg: disk1)
  • verify return to legacy mode
diskutil list

NB: For help on the diskutil command, type man diskutil.

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