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How do I remove a Recovery partition?


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Recovery partitions are created by default when installing OS X/macOS for some years now. Useful on Clover-based installations but not on Chameleon-Enoch ones because these cannot boot recovery partitions. As such, it can be desirable to remove them to retrieve the (small) disk space they take and suppress them from the list of partitions.
This is achieved with Terminal commands through the following method:

  • verify volumes arrangement and identify main + recovery partition disk identifier. The recovery partition will directly follow the main volume to which it relates.
diskutil list
  • reformat recovery partition under HFS+ type and new name (no space)
diskutil eraseVolume HFS+ <new name> <disk identifier> (eg: [...] Blank disk0s3)
  • recover ex-recovery/Blank partition disk space by merging it with its associated main volume (listed right above it).
diskutil mergePartitions HFS+ <main Volume> <main disk id> <blank disk id> (eg: [...] Sierra disk0s2 disk0s3)

NB: Partitions have to be sequential to be merged. For help on the diskutil command, type man diskutil.

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