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Dell Vostro 5568 - Sierra / High Sierra

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Hi. Thanks for all your priceless work. Clover v3 worked for me straight out of the box. I have created bootable pan drive on entirely on windows with the help of Boot Disk Utility, TransMac, Paragon's Hard disk manager. I downloaded DMG files from Apple's software catalogue links .


WiFi not working, Bluetooth working though.


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13 hours ago, Jake Lo said:



What wifi device does it have installed?

If Intel, it's not supported, replace it with a DW1560 or DW1830.


Hi. Thank you for quick reply.  here in India DW1560 costing 13,500/- INR.( about $190 USD). and  DW1830 not available. is there any other half size m.2 WiFi card I can use?


P.S. I tried tethering Bluetooth Hotspot via my mobile and it worked. Wondering why one part of the same wireless card works and other doesn't?

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It's very common for combo cards to have support for the Bluetooth part, not the wireless one. The original Intel card in my E6440 is like that: no support for wireless but the Broadcom-based Bluetooth part of it works OOB. It's a matter of chipset...

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Hi  @Jake Lo

My clover version is 4674, and use os 10.13.5.

Bios: 1.5.4 too.

 I used Vostro5568_v1.3.0_HS.zip from #13,  after I format hardware and install os on hardware and  it can't boot system and report the error:

 -----------  apfs_keybag_get:1328 failed to get apfs volume keybag err = 2   ----------------

Because I didn't understand the principle, I tried to install various versions, but failed.

Can you help me? 


Thank you very much....


clover efi.zip

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 01.11.00.png

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