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    OPENCORE Here's a WIP bootpack for those who want to try OC Just replace the entire EFI folder Make sure to have a bootable USB ready incase it doesn't work for you or create a Fat32 USB drive and add the EFI folder to the root. OpenCore v0.5.9 HP840G3_OC.zip Update: Improved touchpad gesture functions: Zoom, left & right swipe, scrolling, etc... Big Sur ready OpenCore v6.0 HP840G3_BigSur_Beta4.zip
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    @IamI New development of VoodooRMI/VoodooSMBUS work really well for this touchpad. See here for steps to enable multitouch gestures
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    All credits goes to 1Revenger1 and Leo-labs and other involved in the development of this kexts. Glad to know it supported your hardware too. One more thing to add to make the Thinkpad even better is that app call Thinkpad Assistant. Makes all your Fn key work. Your keyboard is the same as the T480, so you might be able to use the files for E470.
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    Hit the spacebar, a new boot option should appear
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    No issue there. Perhaps the VoodooPS2Controller is causing the sleep / wake issue. After replacing the files, did you select 'Reset NVRam' on reboot? Try that, if still no sleep, try restoring both Config and VoodooPS2Controller, do the reset NVRam again. Check sleep issue Post your result. You'll need and external USB mouse for this test unless you know your way around with just your keyboard shortcut. Another thing you could try before this is check your BIOS. Make sure wake on LAN / USB / WWAN/ WLAN are disabled
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    The new kext worked for you? Weird, doesn't work from mine, perhaps my hardware is different Alps model. How are you sleeping the system? Closing the lid, or from Apple Menu? Both should work. Please post output from terminal log show --start 2020-08-10 | fgrep "Wake reason"
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    Are you using the files I posted? No movement whatsoever for the touchpad or no gestures? How about the trackpoint? If you are using the files I posted and it's still not working, try replacing it with this one Replace the Config too, had to disable the Input and mouse plugin since it doesn't exist on this version of the kext Alps.zip
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    Follow BIOS settings here Clover guide here to create the installer After installing Clover (recommend version v5119) Replace Clover files in /EFI/Clover with Clover folder found in this debug attachment Best to only replace ACPI and Kext folder and Config file Update the kexts in /EFI/Clover/kexts/Other if necessary Mainly Lilu.kext, Whatevergreen.kext, VirtualSMC.kext and AppleALC.kext. You can google for them. Some links https://github.com/vit9696/Lilu/releases https://github.com/vit9696/Lilu/blob/master/KnownPlugins.md
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    Try this file for OC. https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/13692-e7470-big-sur-beta-installation/?do=findComment&comment=101809
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    Personally on my T480, it works really well. Well... as well as it can be on a non apple device right. Only thing I have a slight issue with was the 3 fingers drag and drop. You need to keep all 3 fingers slightly apart, if too close, you'll encounter some jumpy movement. For OC, add the kexts in the following order VoodooPS2Controller (acidanthera or Rehabman's version are fine) VoodooPS2Keyboard Plugin from VoodooPS2Controller VoodooPS2Trackpad plugin from VoodooPS2Controller (disable) VoodooPS2Mouse plugin from VoodooPS2Controller (disable) VoodooSMBus VoodooRMI RMISMBus plugin from VoodooRMI VoodooInput plugin from VoodooRMI ( if you have it elsewhere for something else, don't enable it, will cause error, just need one instance of the kext) VoodooTrackpoint plugin from VoodooRMI (this doesn't work as well, but I can't complain since touchpad work really well) Source file: https://github.com/VoodooSMBus/VoodooRMI/releases Note: You might have to check if your touchpad is an SMBUS device https://github.com/VoodooSMBus/VoodooRMI
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    Are you on OC or Clover? It's really easy on Clover, just add these 2 kexts (VoodooSMC + VoodooRMI), and if necessary, delete VoodooPS2Mouse and VoodooPS2trackpad plugins in VoodooPS2Controller. For OC, you'll need to add the 2 kexts in sequence and disable PS2mouse and PS2trackpad via Config/kexts/block or better to just delete them.
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    try adding boot arg for installation, remove when done -igfxvesa
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    I'm assuming you're install beta4 Post your files for review.
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    try them and see if it works better or break anything. Since MBP13,2 and 13,3 models with touchID, you'll need to add NotouchID.kext to prevent slow login issue. No they are not, you can remove them if you like.
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    @Chandara It is exactly the same as yours, with only RAM 8 gigs and WiFi AR5B95. Yes you can use my EFI and chances are you will have to create your own USBPorts.kext.
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    Dear All, Beta 4 released! Managed to install only after updating my OC and all kext to latest version i.e. 0.6.0 OC Cheers!
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    No, I mean Zero. The Clover quirks does it for you, you don't have to go in and do it manually if that's what you're asking. Look at the comment of what the patch is for. If you don't need it, you can simply disable it. Most likely you have the patch for Trimming. In recently MacOS, you can enable trimming with a simple command so disabling / deleting it is fine.
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    Try different USB ports, if still fails, remove USBPorts.kext from /kext/Others and try again
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    1) It corrects some Mutex objects with a non-zero SyncLevel, otherwise system might not run correctly, setting them to zero 2) IOAHCIBlockStorage is a patch used in older system which allows your drives to be detected. Don't use it if you don't have such issue 3) Add boot arg darwake=0
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    You probably to redefine your USB ports mapping correctly with Hackintool app.
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    Replace your file in /EFI/Clover with files here This is an English speaking Forum, please use google translate
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    Updated OC files, tested on Big Sur Beta2, Catalina, Mojave with DW1550 EFI-E7440-OC-6.0.zip
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    @ten2pwr6 Can you try adding this SSDT to the patched folder and see if it fixed the issue. Worked for @acquarius.13 's 450 G5 SSDT-AWAC.aml.zip
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    first time i install that please help me but i don't know much about this it just goes as far as it goes and goes out and does it again
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