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    Yes, that's correct. Some cloning software might not clone the EFI partition, so just install Clover and copy the EFI folder over.
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    Specifications: BIOS Version: 01.11.01 Intel 8th gen i7-8550U, 1.8GHz CPU Integrated Intel UHD620 graphics Dedicated Nvidia GeForce 930MX (disabled) 15.6" 16:9 1920 x 1080 pixel 141 PPI, AUO41ED, IPS LED 16GB DDR4-2400 RAM NVME M.2 KXG50ZNV512G TOSHIBA 512GB: Win 10 Home SSD SATA 256GB Toshiba: Catalina 10.15.6 (supported by CtlnaAHCIPort.kext) External USB 3.0 SATA case with Fujittsu MHZ2160BH FF 160GB HDD 5400rpm: Big Sur Beta 4 RTL8xxx Gigabit Ethernet Conexant CX8200 audio layout 21 WiFi Card+BT: BCM94352Z (14e4:43a0), M.2, 802.11ac/b/g/n 2.4/5GHz 867Mbps + BT 4.1, BCM20702A0 chipset 1 x 3.5mm universal jack (combo audio) 1 x USB Type C port 3.1 1 x USB 2.0 ports Type-A 2 x USB 3.0 ports Type-A 1 x HDMI port 1 x VGA port 1 x Realtek RTS522A PCI Express Card Reader Working: All the components except fingerprint sensor (no Touch ID support) Trackpad with full gestures supported | a little bit laggy at time of writing OpenCore 0.6.0 Big Sur Beta 4 (first public beta) Big Sur Beta 5 (20A5354i) installed through software updates Big Sur Beta 6 (20A5364e) installed through software updates Big Sur Beta 7 (20A5374g) installed through software updates Big Sur Beta 9 (20A5384c) installed through software updates DSDT hotpatch: credits RehabMan (since Mojave guide) SSDT patch: credits RehabMan (since Mojave guide), JakeLo, dortania, acidanthera team Many thanks to all osxlatitude team for the great support! PB-450G5-OC060.zip
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    Justin, I tried using OC on an external hard drive with USB caddy. I left my primary internal SSD untouched. I was curious to try OC and it was a good mess, honestly. I recommend you to firstly solve your issues with clover, to read carefully dortania's OC guide (read it all, many times) and finally, if you feel quite brave try to "adjust" your files to OC. I suggest also to test your future OC files using an external drive/stick before trying with your primary drive. But, unfortunately, I'm not able to understand your issue. Apologize
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    Clover setup shows several mistakes. For instance, you've installed SMCHelper.efi driver (which is only required if you use FakeSMC kext) when you use VirtualSMC set of kexts. If you want built-in ALPS TrackPad to work and be recognised, you need to use Dr Hurt's VoodooPS2Controller kext. It's available in Dr Hurt's dedicated thread and in the Clover packs posted in the various guides we have for the E7x50 models. I can't remember which ALPS version these E7x50 are fitted with but I don't remember specific issues with them when I had an E7250 in my hands. Re: SSDT, if you're talking about the CPU power management one, you have to make sure you use one that was generated for your own specific CPU. If you (re)use an existing one meant for a different CPU mode, you'll encounter trouble, of course. If in doubt, boot without such SSDT and generate your own one using Pike R Alpha's well-known and good old generator script.
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    Why do you want to install such an old OS X version when this laptop fully supports macOS High Sierra? As for the set of kexts required for this model, I'm pretty sure you'll find them in existing threads or JakeLo's multi-platform guides. Look those up.
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    In fact, I have no way to replace the network card. Is it possible to somehow get by with the existing one?
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