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  1. Thanks again Hervè. I had to translate from the ultra tech language you master, but I made it For the normal guys like me out there, I downloaded the AppleIntelSNBGraphicsFB.kext provided by Hervè, installed it (in my case with the other kexts in the Efi partition, clover), rebuilt permissions and kext cache and bingo it works. Cheers!
  2. Hi there, I'm quite happy with my system, I've been using it as my main computer for a while now. Since I tamed the beast with the help of some kind folks here I haven't had a single issue. Today I wanted to try and connect the computer to the tv via hdmi but all I got was a quick screen flickering on my dell and then nothing. I tried to read a (quite) few posts here but almost all of them refer to a different bootloader than I use (clover). I think I used Herve's pack and followed pafkata guide at the time. If anyone can give me an hint where to start looking into I'd appreciate, Thanks. edit: grammar!
  3. Just for the records... I bought a refurbished DW 1510 https://wikidevi.com/wiki/Dell_Wireless_1510_(DW1510) and it worked flawlessly out of the box with a steady 144mb connection, I'm more than happy.
  4. For anyone reading this in the future... Following Pafkata's guide I was able to install Sierra with Clover on my E6220 I5. Everything works but the trackpad preference pane, as explained in the guide. You have to use the one from El Capitan (save it before upgrading!) and it'll be fixed. I even managed to upgrade to 10.12.1 from within AppStore. I just had to repatch audio and rebuild permissions/cache. Upgrading also fixed the volume buttons, now they are working again. So far, so good!
  5. i confirm it works although i discovered there are 2 versions of this dongle...v1 and v2. Mine is v1, but the driver from the site refuses to install. Driver for the v2 did install, dongle works but I get a miserable 12mbps connection gotta check if it's something with my router or else. Better something than nothing tho.
  6. I believe I've followed your guide step by step but it's obvious that somehow something went banana. Anyway the system is rock solid and supported everything I threw at it. Nevermind, I'm supposed to reinstall everything again this weekend going for sierra and clover. Just a question: I got myself an TP-Link TL-WN725N nano wi-fi adapter as it's supported by OsX as stated on the product page. It needs a driver tho, and it came with a cd. Can I safely assume I can install the driver in the cd or isn't it so straightforward? Thanks for the info.
  7. I got it... what you say it's true but what I didn't know (and I wonder if it's correct) my system use the plist inside the Extra folder of the hidden Efi partition! I was trying for long time to modify the Plist inside Extra folder on the mac hd... obviously nothing was changing I used an Efi mounter, mounted the hidden Efi partition and changed the o.c.B.plist (and added the missing theme folder) and voila'... boot graphics on load.
  8. I'm pretty sure yes. It's not a big deal, it's gonna stay like that.
  9. no changes! Always the textual boot. If I don't press return it doesn't even start booting, it waits forever. Question... isn't it like the config gets loaded from somewhere else than /Extra?
  10. no, everything is there I'm editing the plist on /Extra
  11. Just a small detail. I've been trying to have my computer to show the default theme for the loader, the gui, without any success. I also edited the chameleon.plist and tried adding: <key>GUI</key><string>Yes</string> <key>"Instant Menu"</key> <string>Yes</string> Nothing changed, I always get the textual boot loader. I then had a peek inside the default theme folder and found the theme plist. I tried to change this: <key>Enabled</key> <string>yes</string> <key>screen_width</key> <string>1366</string> <key>screen_height</key> <string>768</string> I changed the Enabled key to yes and matched my screen size. Still nothing :') What am I missing?
  12. torakikiii


    I wish to thank all the crew for the amazing site and especially Herve' that helped me with patience fixing some issues while installing El capitan on the machine where I'm typing right now!
  13. so for the records or any people that will try to follow this post. I started from scratch following Hervè's guide. I downloaded his #4 pack, enoch 2839, created the usb stick (when installing Enoch just use the defaults, don't go the customize way) and it booted straight to the installer. two things though... - don't forget to type -v -f before launching the installer - Hervé... I might be wrong but I had to edit your Kernel.plist since it's empty I added: <key>KernelBooter_kexts</key> <string>Yes</string> In fact in your guide, last step, you refer to the kernel.plist suggesting to put No where there's a Yes. Can you confirm this? Thanks.
  14. I probably messed up while switching Kexts during my install tribulations. So I believe I've only the usb to fix (that should give me mouse/usb ports and webcam too) and I'm quite happy already but... what do you suggest? - try to do an upgrade to Sierra? will it works directly like on a Mac? - do a clean install with sierra and use clover with your pack for El Capitan? Thanks for your precious time, you've been very helpful.
  15. is it a joke? two days into hackintosh and I've already created countless bootsticks and exchanged tons of kexts Not a pro but getting closer at light speed Jokes a part, if I want to change the bootloader do I have to reinstall all the box? I'm in the process of finalizing the kexts for El Cap... I might go and try with sierra directly then and switch to Clover! Happy hackintoshing! Ps Thanks Hervè for the wonderful support
  16. Guys a doubt... I used Enoch as a bootloader (it contains chamaleon right?). Would it have been better if I used Clover instead, in respect at easiness to apply eventual system updates?
  17. Hi there, whenever it's necessary to chmod/chown/touch... is it really necessary to do it on the whole /e /l /s? or is it enough to just update the newly installed kext and then rebuild the whole cache? I'm asking because it takes ages to do this process and I'm moving in and out quite a few kext while searching for the perfect setup. Thanks. P.s. at the moment the system is surprisingly quite Mac alike, I'm very pleased! I just miss the wi-fi and I guess I'll have to buy an adapter of some kind. Bummer
  18. Thanks for your feedbacki. I'm giving up for tonite. So... - Audio works now, yay! - NO usb yet... I need to figure out which kext was working, update the stick and manually copy it to the mac disk... - I have no idea about which kext is responible of enabling my webcam. I'm pretty sure at the first boot it was there and then messed uo with some kext. Do you know which kext drives the webcam? A note: I believe the only unsupported thing of the 6220 is the internal wifi adapter, isn't it? Thanks and goodnite!
  19. Solved the boot problem. Unfortunately after applying the latest kext provided I lost the mouse, webcam (I'm sure there was on the devices before) and still no sound. I'm trying to revert to the previous situation so at least I'll have mouse and webcam although no sound! Weird... my system can enlist an intel audio device but for some reasons it can't use it
  20. thanks guys for the help. So far the system got installed and it's mostly functional. Still 2 issues: - I can't boot, I get an boot error 0 on the enoch bootloader. All is fine if I go through the usb stick. I did the install on mac os x, same parameters as the stick. I even copied the kexts on /L /E, rebuilt cache. What am I doing wrong? - I have no sound, the output peripheral is totally missing. Thanks! Anyway it's already a big success atm! Edit: I've just seen new notes on the guide regarding audio, gonna try it. Still no luck with the boot problem tho
  21. I removed the nullcpupowermanagement kext, re-downloaded your #4 pack and now it is installing! yay! Let's see if it will ever finish now!
  22. Since there is no usbinjector in the official E6220 pack I tried omitting it but nothing changed. I noticed that the mouse light goes off some moments after the kernel starts loading... so there must be something turning out the usb ports... in facts there's also a message stating that it can't find the mouse, I'll post a pic. I feel like i'm so close to see it starting installing! :')
  23. Well, we got a bit of action now! Indeed it wasn't loading kext. New problem... I'm stuck at "still waiting for root device". It's not moving on. I'm reading the forum... it could be the port, and I'm going to try to switch it in a minute or worse the usbinjector, and there I'd be lost! Any other precious info? Thanks for helping!
  24. Ok... editing my last post. So I started from zero again.... default bios, legacy and sata mode set. I made the usb installer, used enoch 2839 with default install, vanilla kernel. Same result as image above. Tried: - using your pack 3 - using your pack 4 - using your pack 3&4 with the latest vodoo kext you gave me Always same result. It panics on ACPI... do I have to change something else inside Bios maybe, regarding power management? Anyone else with a stock i5 E6220 can step in and help me on this before I give up forever? Thanks!
  25. Please be patient. I'm following this guide but got lost somewhere. https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/7914-dell-latitude-e6220-with-i5-2520m-hd3000-and-1366x768-lcd-mavericksyosemiteel-capitan/ I managed to create the usb installer... soon I had the first issues. For some reasons the provided Enoch-rev.2795.pkg.zip would not work on my system telling me it is damaged. I went out on the net and found another version (Enoch-rev.2839.pkg). This worked but I had no clue of what parameters to use. The guide doesn't say so I went for a custom install and selected "install on the selected partition" (not ESP). The pc boots, I type the -v and -f and after some seconds I got a kernel panic. I attached a pic since I can't copy. - I have the Extra folder on the root of the usb with the decompress pack for my pc - kernel, I used the vanilla 10.11.6 and I put the patch for the power management into extensions as suggested Any help? I'm totally lost.
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