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  1. Sadly no, looks like we've just got to wait until either someone else starts from scratch, or the source code is released for them to have a base...
  2. Hiya all, I've long faced an issue with the 'P' key, such that I can't use any shortcuts involving it - including the cmd+P to print. I'm using 4.7 beta 5, with the AsusNBFnkeys 2.6, and am running the latest version of macOS. Note that although I've made some changed to the plist, the issue persists with the stock config. I'm not 100% on the status of the project, as there hasn't been much news in the last year, so if there's an alternative I'd be interested to know.
  3. Yeah, they worked without much hassle. To double check, you do have the AsusNBFnKeys kext right? Think it's version 2.6? I'd honestly say Clover hotpatching is nicer, because it leaves everything modular, but I guess it's more up to you in the end. I don't think I have any specific patches for keyboard backlight in Clover, but my config.plist is in that repo (config.plist.src). The compiler just doesn't seem to think the DSL is a valid tabled source, so it doesn't even bother trying to compile. Seems to work via command line though, but there are a lot of remarks and warnings. Having just looked back, I realise you do have AsusNBFnKeys, so that's not the issue. The ALSS method I suspect is for the ALS sensor, which doesn't matter either. Perhaps your methods are on a different ACPI path, though I'm not sure. I'd take a look, but honestly I haven't touched ACPI since getting my laptop working. Again, I'd push for hotpatching as it makes everything more understandable. Actually, looking around a bit more, perhaps this post is of use: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1948-elan-focaltech-and-synaptics-smart-touchpad-driver-mac-os-x/?p=58148. It appears your SLKB method is quite different to others, and I can't see any mention of KBLV throughout your DSDT...
  4. Hi again, been a bit busy. I opted to use hotpatching over static patches, as it makes my mods more future proof, and also easier to customise for other users. I'd suggest reading into it, and using it too! All patches related to the keyboard are under the PS2K file, as linked. I also utilise clover patches to rename and replace methods, which you'll understand if you read about hotpatching. I can't take a deep look at your dsl file right now, but it doesn't even want to compile for me. Honestly, I'd suggest starting over and doing everything manually with hotpatching.
  5. Hi there! Sorry for the delay, been a bit busy. You can find my DSDT/SSDT edits here: https://github.com/zacharyrs/GL551JW-Hackintosh I did use the Asus kext, along with the patches, which you can see in that repo. Preferably, could you upload both your original DSDT, and also your modified version. I'd recommend just sticking it on Google Drive. Unfortunately I'm going away for a few days, with no computer, so I'll have to get back to you when I get back home.
  6. I have an Asus GL551JW, with brightness keys working fine. If you want help, please post your DSDT and SSDT, and I can take a look. Also, please post the spec/model number of your machine. Thanks, Zach
  7. Hey, I'd also like to request some help. I have OSX 10.12.2, using Clover to boot, with all kexts installed to /S/L/E. I'm using the latest version of your driver, 4.7 beta 5. Attached are my system log, ioreg, and my custom plist. Currently I have the following working. Pointing One finger single/double tap Two finger tap Three finger tap Four finger tap Five finger tap - makes the weird error noise? I think I need a shortcut. Two finger scroll horizontal/vertical, and edge circular scroll Four finger swipes Unfortunately the following don't seem to work as I'd configured. Pinch to zoom Rotate Three finger swipes Finger presses Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing from you, Zach syslog-ioreg-plist.zip
  8. Hey, thought I'd try help out as I struggled with this too. The list doesn't seem to have the right numbers for some parts. The right click is actually 33, middle is 34 and left is 35. Hope that helps you, Zach
  9. Hello, I'm running the latest version of Sierra (10.12.2), on an Asus GL551, which has a Synaptics Touchpad (or Clickpad? the whole pad is clickable). So I've installed the latest beta (4.7b5), and most of it seems to work as expected/sufficiently. Unfortunately, for some reason neither zoom or rotate seem to work. Also, three finger swipes left and right don't appear to do what I've configured them to do... I don't think it's my configuration (though I've attached it just in case I've been stupid). https://pastebin.com/NkxhJSAm Thanks, Zach
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