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  1. system.log looks good. can't find what I'm looking for anyway, have updated to 10.12.3 this morning and the problem still occur using asus a455lj, intel i5-5200u / intel hd5500 (disabled nvidia graphics)
  2. i did, it looks like the driver is completely disabled, anyway, is there any log i can see about this driver, i might able to sort this out
  3. hi i want to post my issue, using sierra 10.12.2 and latest version of your touchpad (beta 5) after some time, the touchpad shows unresponsive pointer and related function and then in a few minutes, the touchpad stopped working at all, I've to use mouse thank you,
  4. @andrey1970 And how can i do this? Is it, edit those info.plist file inside the kext? Can you give the guide, thanks for your help -- edit -- ok, I've edited info.plist file and now it works as supposed thank you for your help btw, more gestures as shown in the preferences is not really working or, are they being worked on?
  5. hello I have a strange issue, using 4.7 beta 5 recently, I'm updating from El Capitan (which works fine) and after the update, the trackpad wont working, so I updated it the trackpad works fine, except the two-fingers tap switches to three-fingers tap and vice versa so to open the right click menu, I have to tap with three finger, and to open mission control, I have to tap two fingers and swipe up another strange thing that the two finger scroll works fine, Using Asus X455LJ thanks for the help, and great job at making the update
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