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  1. Also, when i use a gesture sometimes using my trackpad with your driver installed, my hackintosh automatically restarts (High Sierra 10.13.2 beta 5)
  2. unfortunately your plist file did not work for me... launchpad still did not work and the 2 edge swipe notification also did not work for me. i am using High Sierra 10.13.2 beta 5 (17C83a)
  3. some values in the guide are wrong. i am employing trial and error to get the right values... 3 - not working (supposed to be launcher) 33 - Right Click
  4. thanks. looking forward to it. everything works anyway (keyboard, trackpad and gestures). the only issue i have with the kext installing it in my high sierra is that the gesture settings in the prefpane does not work (when i change a gesture setting, it doesn't happen). But there is gesture. it's just not the ones stated in the prefpane settings and i cannot change the gestures. thanks
  5. i have high sierra 10.13.2 beta 4. I installed SmartTouchpad v4.7 beta 5.zip. Trackpad, gestures and keyboard works but not all the gestures are working. and when i make changes to the gesture settings in the PrefPane, it does not work --- the gesture settings that are in the prefpanel does not work. maybe you can make the source code open source, so that other people can improve on it to free up your time. thanks
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