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  1. @Hervé After unchecking FixAirport in Clover the WiFi chip showed up in Sysprofiler > PCI. Also noticed a increased effect on my connection speed (144Mbps with FixAirport) 300Mbps without FixAirport in Clover config.
  2. if i remove the _DSM to XDSM rename laptop will not boot. I suspect its due to the AML specific for this model of the zenbook SSDT-UX430-KabyLakeR.aml.zip
  3. nothing is reported under Sysprofiler -> Pci and i have attached the running copy of my config.plist, let me know if you need the kexts or anything else. config.plist.zip
  4. I belive they are injected properly.
  5. Can report that using the tape method + the clover device properties worked wonders. Interesting thing however the WiFi card is not listed under PCI Devices in system report. in about this mac Will also need to do some testing with bluetooth but for now the WiFi seems to work.
  6. You don't happen to know which pins those are on my card? Or know where I can find a diagram that shows these pins?
  7. Bronxteck can you elaborate? Have attached the debug package now. i did noticed that if i choose ADDDGTP option in clover it will not inject the PCI device properties i manually add. debug_12191.zip
  8. Not listed and when I press + to add it is now showing in the drop down. Networksetup -createnetworkservice WiFi en1 did not work either
  9. I have now managed to get the device to boot with Hervé's adaptation. How ever wifi says no hardware installed and IOregistry is showing the changes i did via clover. Any suggestions ?
  10. Hello I am in need of some assistance getting this card to work. I have followed the guide by Hervé and my laptop will not boot if i add the pci parameters in clover. I did manage to get the laptop to boot once with working wifi and everything except the trackpad (but that was due to a faulty config.plist) and i fixed the config plist file and now it will not boot with injected pci device again... I have attached my clover zip and have also attached a screenshot from ioregistry. Any advice or guidence is highley appreciated. the Card is verified to have a 14e4:43a3 (rev 08) Subsystem: 1028:0021 (CN-0VW3T3) CLOVER.zip
  11. i noticed that the AppleALC has a bug for the E7450. Layout 28 and Layout 29 has the same integer in the LayoutID section https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC/blob/master/Resources/ALC293/layout29.xml https://github.com/acidanthera/AppleALC/blob/master/Resources/ALC293/layout28.xml And thanks Jake i will as you posted. Also this "System Information/Hardware/Audio/Intel High Definition Audio" dont exist on my systeminfo see attached screenshot.
  12. @viking1304 Thanks for all the work you have done to get this up and running for me and for the fix for the DisableTurboBoost.kext With your fix and using VirtualSMC and SMCBattery.kext i can get up to 5hrs if not more of moderate use of the laptop on battery which is not to bad for an hackintosh. In my opinion i only have 1 ongoing issue and that is the dang headphone/mic combo, what ever headphone i use it refuses to pick up the mic part for example using iphone headphones. So i have resorted to use bluetooth headphones for now, Is there anyway and benefit to increase the vram for our graphics? my is currently listed with only 2GB from the notes i have seen and recoletion from my previous install i had it at 15360mb i belive. Current battery usage with new disableturboboost kext with virtualSMC and smcbattery.kext and screenbrightness at 2-3 tick.
  13. @viking1304 You are correct i never thought of checking if i had brightness slider, and yes it is no present with the files you gave me initaly. Removed AppleBacklightFixup and it works and karabiner works just fine now. also get 16 steps just like you. For powermgmt i removed disableturboboost and i am currently looking in to another way of disabling turboboost. and i came across this forum thread on notebook reviews http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/undervolt-disable-turbo-boost-for-increasing-battery-life-of-macbook-and-hackintosh.821361/ I have yet to attempt this.
  14. The nvidia GPU is disabled thanks to the EFI files i got from viking. My question now was in regards to general power manegement as imo i should be able to get more than 2hrs of run time on battery. Fn+Insert sends the laptop to sleep, Fn+F3 is volume increasement. (as per standard and as per guide) Clover Config is already set to PluginType 1 And Fn+F11 and Fn+12 with karabiner-elements worked just fined back in HighSierra.
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