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  1. Of course, no problem, and sorry for the long wait CLOVER.rar
  2. Hi, new question for this built...after 10.15.3 update, i see that the machine many times won't shut down, but seems to keep stand by instead...what can i check to fix this? Sometimes, after rebooting, battery status is not working...maybe some kext to update, but i really don't know which
  3. Ok, It's perfect, i will buy one of those models as soon as possible, and i will give you notice when the card arrives. I thank you very much for the help, really appreciated Meanwhile i made a dual boot with Windows 10, and simply added Cloverx64.efi to boot Option to keep Clover bootloader instead of Windows boot manager, and worked like a charm Damn, i tried to find that precise models of wifi, but no chance, all from China, they take 2 months to ship that item...same time for dw1560, 1820a or similar...so i think the better chioce is the TP-link TL-WN823N v3, that i already have
  4. Ok, but i wanted a suggestion only, i already check the list, and these are the model supported by Catalina, i wonder which one has a better compatibility...that's all, because i'm not so good to do everything on my own, i need help, sorry Anyway, there's no chance to install one of that half mini pci card into this model, because it's a different type of slot...so i think the best solution is a usb wifi
  5. Ok, today i've copied all necessary files on EFI partition of the SSD, everything works great, apart from wifi. Do i have to check the model, is there any chance that the module is not supported? Wireless card is an Intel 18260ngw As alternative, i have many wirelesse PCI card, can u help me to choose the correct one? Azureware AR5B95 Atheros AR5B195 Atheros AR5b22 Atheros QCWB335 BRCM1045 RTL8188CE
  6. ok, finally i reach the installer, thank you very much...now i'll try to finish and i'll tell you how it works UPDATE: Everything perfect, i reach the desktop, tomorrow i have to check if everything works fine, install Clover in ssd, copy clover folder on ssd, and check for wifi that i disabled from bios before installing... Thank u again for now P. S. I can boot without igfxvesa or no?
  7. Firt of all, thank you very much I did what you told me, and i think i made a big step forward, but it's not enough...These are the new EFI folder and the screen with verbose with the new issue EFI.zip
  8. Update: I tried to delete some kext, and this is my new situation...i really don't know what to do EFI2.zip
  9. Hi guys, new on the forum… i tried to follow the guide for Catalina installer in proper section, but i got stack on PCI configuration etc etc. Can u help me to reach the installer? I'm trying from several days with no luck, maybe with the wrong tutorial...i post my EFI folder Thank you If u need something else, please let me know CLOVER.zip
  10. Any way to get this working ona Asus P2530U, it works but no prf panel on latest release 4.7.5
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