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  1. Jake: Bought/installed the DW1510 (waiting for the 1550 to ship). How do i get it to install/go live?
  2. Mark: The second link you posted (https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/13071-dell-latitude-e7440-catalina-10154) is the one i used to build a new e7440 two days ago. The guide was great, and the ONLY issue i had was to make sure you format the drive in the dell correctly, not as Mac OS Extended but as APFS. Make sure your BIOS is a28. Follow Hervé's bios set up, and the EFI folder provided by trognaz seemed to work perfectly (though I wouldn't mind someone to confirm it's all the latest drivers). I was pretty impressed with the specs: it was showing on Geekb
  3. would the zip file for El Capitan/High Sierra posted here work with a new install of catalina? I have 10 of these Micro Form factors available to me... Thanks!
  4. Jake, is this the latest for HS? I am using it, and it works nicely with the following two exceptions: 1. track pad doesn't work. buttons work fine, but the track itself is doing nothing. 2. a strange flickering line around 20% down on the screen. not always present. It's only in some windows, not in others. i have tried this on 2 different machines, both show the exact same symptoms. Attached is my clover folder. Thanks! CLOVER.zip
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