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  1. Okay, I hate to be the one asking this, but are you sure you did anything different from the High Sierra installation? I've tried Jake Lo's installation guide for High Sierra, which worked, because I installed it, so I tried updating to Mojave (which I didn't expect to work, and well it didn't) so then I tried a clean install with the same steps, but it takes around ~16 minutes to boot because of kextd stall for AppleACPICPU, and it would through the install but I only get a grey screen. I have your exact same Latitude E6230, too. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. Alright, I'll do that then. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I hope I posted in the right category, but basically, I have a Dell Latitude E6540 (with an i7 4810MQ, Radeon HD 8790M and HD Graphics 4600) that I have successfully hackintoshed, with basically everything working completely by using a guide (I forgot who made it, but it was really useful!) The only thing that doesn't work is the dGPU (my Radeon HD 8790M), as macOS only shows my HD 4600. In Clover, there is an option to "Inject ATI", but in those settings everything is set to 0x00000000 or something similar (like FakeID: 0x00000), and the last time I tried checking "Inject ATI", macOS wouldn't boot. I've seen some people with my same laptop saying that they wanted to disable they're 8790M, but I just couldn't figure out how I could even enable it. And also, the user who made the guide has something called "bootpacks" I believe, when booting with Clover. One of them was with "Optimus", but then I looked it up and it seems like that is only a Nvidia thing?
 I'm not that good at hackintoshing, so excuse me if I'm doing anything wrong. 
 For reference, I included an image at the top of the post. If anyone can help me get my HD 8790M working, that would be very nice :3

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