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  1. youuy ok use (DVI) output but in first USB boot to installing macOSHighSierra under the clover setting/Graphics uncheck the intel HD 630 its mean you are booting with GraphicsEnabler=No and after install boot from HDD then do not uncheck intel HD 630.
  2. use HDMI output and Change smbios iMAC 18.3 to iMAC 17.1, installed with iMAC 17.1 and after installed change to iMAC 18.3 APFS format is very slow on Hackintosh use extended journaled
  3. youuy only two changes in your bios 1 XHCi hand off = Enable 2. VT-D = Disabled
  4. Dear Sir JAKE LO Thanks for Every Things
  5. Dear Sir JAKE LO I install High Sierra 10.13 with this (Ready EFI) under this EFI my DSDT is clean no error, and config.plist without any error, kext available in other folder Thanks for Helping me in Hacking my PC GA-B250M-D3H very very Thanks for replying me and Guide me. Ready EFI GA-B250M-D3H.zip
  6. sir Stuck with this error image Attached
  7. sir error when usb booting Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="1"> IOResources</string><key>IOResourceMatch</key><string ID="2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict>[/b]
  8. Dear Sir I extracted with Clover F4 origin.zip attached origin.zip
  9. Dear Sir Jake Lo am trying to install high sierra 10.13 i update my bios version to F7 current bios version F7 my (Not Edited ACPI tables) Attached Not Edited DSDT and SSDT GA-B250M-D3H.zip
  10. Sir Jake Lo next my Desktop PC specs GA-B250M-D3H core i5 7500 HD 630 memory Ram cursair 8GB 2133mhz 1 Stick Sir I send you my acpi dsdt tables extracted in windows then help me thanks.
  11. yes I restart after restarting work I shutdown and after shutdown 10 minutes later, on my laptop work like a charm thanks for every things Sir JAKE LO
  12. Dear sir JAKE LO I fresh install 10.12.5 after install, installed update 10.12.6 and after installed update try your advice enabling AddPNLF_10000000 in config.plist in bootable usb and brightness fully worked Working graphics with full acceleration 1536mb, audio, brightness, smarttouchpad/trackpad, ethernet, bluetooth, battery, your are the MAN, thanks for every things to help me in this hack Acer Aspire ES ES!-572-321G its mean a new hack is born. THANKS for every thing.
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