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[SOLVED] Latitude E6440 macOS Mojave with Clover r4934


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sorry for my English


Hello everyone, maybe this will help someone. I tried to create USB with a new E6440_HD4600_Only_Mojave, which @Jake Lo have posted. Installation hangs with it: 2 minutes are left and there are also artifacts (image glitches) at beginning of installation, but this is only with the new version of Clover 4934, but with Clover 4920 everything works fine. Also, the new Clover r4934 loaded my old installation 10.13.6 bad: artifacts, without video memory. Therefore, the new boot pack is not compatible with the latest Clover.

You must use version Clover r4920E6440_HD4600_Only_Mojave.

My EFI folder in attach.

Thanks @Jake Lo @Hervé

💡There is one problem left, there is no sound after getting out of sleep, who knows how to solve?





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I re-downloaded the latest version AppleALC.kext , and now everything is fine.  I checked in different cases: with headphones, without, a long sleep - all is well. Now everything seems to work like on my original MacBook Pro 13 2014.

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Hello magnitu and Jake Lo,


according to this (your) guide and files, I managed to get my E6440 4300M Intel 4600 GFX to run Mojave 10.14.5


But what has to happen next, after I got the Notebook started and after 1st Setup-Procedure?


1. copy the kexts in Clover/kexts/Other/CopyToLE to /L/E, especially CodecCommander.kext

Repair permissions and rebuild cache


2. what next?


3. My Notebook uses the Intel 6235 ANHMW WiFi /BT Card. Unfortunately the card was not recognised. Do you have any idea, what to do? I am going to try other cards, such as Intel 5100


I hope you still receive notifications from this forum. I am looking forward to receiving your hints.


All the best,



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Hi everybody, this is what works so far:


Booting into 10.14.6. after OTA Update from 10.14.5

Sound works, Volume buttons as well

WiFi with Edimax USB Device and additional driver



Screen brightness via additional software tool "Brightness" which is able to store two hotkeys for brighter/ darker

Sleep via FN + F2 yes, wake up - no

USB 1 on the left side, 2 on the right side (the port near the hinge seems to be able to do USB 3)


yep, that's it for today.


Thanks to all of you who contributed to this success.


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