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  1. I re-downloaded the latest version AppleALC.kext , and now everything is fine. I checked in different cases: with headphones, without, a long sleep - all is well. Now everything seems to work like on my original MacBook Pro 13 2014.
  2. Update: I left the laptop to sleep for 1.5 hours, and after that there is sound. In the previous times, I did not attention - the sound disappeared with the headphones connected.
  3. Yes, of course I did. I learned that CodecCommander.kext solves similar problems, so I checked right away. I can not figure out how to solve this issue.
  4. sorry for my English Hello everyone, maybe this will help someone. I tried to create USB with a new E6440_HD4600_Only_Mojave, which @Jake Lo have posted. Installation hangs with it: 2 minutes are left and there are also artifacts (image glitches) at beginning of installation, but this is only with the new version of Clover 4934, but with Clover 4920 everything works fine. Also, the new Clover r4934 loaded my old installation 10.13.6 bad: artifacts, without video memory. Therefore, the new boot pack is not compatible with the latest Clover. You must use version Clover r4920 + E6440_HD4600_Only_Mojave. My EFI folder in attach. Thanks @Jake Lo @Hervé There is one problem left, there is no sound after getting out of sleep, who knows how to solve? EFI.zip
  5. Thank you for the clarification about HWMonitor. What do you think about "Menu Apple→Sleep mode not working" Sleep mode occurs only automatically, the shortcut keys also do not work.
  6. I found this on the forum from @Jake Lo E6440_HD4600_HotPatch.zip I replaced the contents and now go to sleep automatically well, but Menu Apple→Sleep mode still not working. I also noticed that in all the mentions and manuals of the E6440 is used i5 4300. I have i5 4310. Does it matter? I was thinking of creating an SSDT for my configuration, but faced with the fact that in the folder(E6440_HD4600_HotPatch.zip) I mentioned there were many different SSDTs. But ssdPRGen.sh creates only two files. And why HWmonitor may not work? It reads only the temperature of the disks. I understand that I may not look educated, but help me. P.S. sorry for my english.
  7. Thank you, @Hervé Fan noise is not related to OSX installation and post-install. Is it related to the Dell BIOS? I understand correctly that you also notice this? And what about other issues?
  8. Hello everyone and thank you for being there. I have a Dell E6440, BIOS A23, i5 4310M, ONLY Intel HD 4600, 1HDD, 1SSD, and one mSata SSD. I followed the @Jake Lo instructions for creating and installing Hi Sierra 10.13.6. I used the @Jake Lo bootpack for E6440_HD4600_Only_A21.zip. Installation on mSata was easy. Now I have a few questions / problems. 1. Sleep does not work correctly. When using FN + F1 or the Apple menu ~ sleep. The screen turns off, but the fan continues to work and the HDD indicator also blinks constantly. After that, it does not come out of sleep at all, only sometimes I try to press everything on the keyboard, it wakes up like that. It is important that after that the sound also disappears. 2. Also, the settings for the brightness of the display after a reboot are not saved. 3. HDD is constantly blinking disk access indicator. four. 4.Almost constant fan noise is irritating.. I attach the necessary files, I really hope for help. debug_16173.zip Extensions.zip EFI.zip
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