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  1. That's awesome thanks very much will give it a go tomorrow.
  2. I have tried but bit beyond my skill set shame as everything else on it is fully compatiable, sound, hdmi, touch screen, keyboard, sleep, graphics etc it's all working. It's just this trackpad. Even if I could just get it with 2-finger scrolling or 1. And the mouse not so slow that would do.
  3. Just a update scrolling does work but I have to press Crtl key to get it to work would be awesome if I didn't have to do that on my FocalTech and the mouse is a bit slow although not jumpy so usable. Think more work on FocalTech would be good please
  4. Hi I have a Lenovo yoga 500 i5-6200 with a FocalTech trackpad. Issue I'm having is I have 4.7 beta 3 smart touch kext installed. My keyboard is working, mouse is working (little slow but ok). But to get 2-finger scroll to work I have to press CTRL key on my keyboard. Is there any way of getting it working without needing to do that? I did install the Beta 5 release but my mouse was slower/buggy and same issue. Shame as otherwise everything else system wise is working excellent on this laptop.I have attached my EFI folder from Clover is that a help? please let me know if you need anything else. A fix would be fantastic! thanks in advance. EFI 2.zip
  5. Hi I have a Lenovo yoga 500 (i5-6200u) with a FocalTech trackpad, I have removed any other PS2 kexts, and installed the smart touch kext. My keyboard and mouse is working, but I can't seem to scroll at all? I have tried using BETA versions from 4.6.5 but no joy. Still no scrolling. Any help would be gratefully received. I installed my system using Clover, I'll attach my EFI folder incase its a help. EFI 2.zip
  6. Using Lenovo yoga 500. Have pref pane etc installed. But don't have scrolling. Tried changing speed but still no scroll. Running Sierra. Any suggestions?
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