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  1. Thank you both. I will check all this out. Any advice on what need attention in my clover config is appreciated.
  2. Sorry for mis-information. The card is actually the DW1520 which I thought worked with the Dell Latitude 6430. But with my current EFI (attached) I am not able to make DW1520 functional with Mojave 10.14.6. Any help is appreciated. EFI.zip
  3. My Dell Latitude 6430 (i7 processor & 16GB RAM) is running Mojave 10.14.6 with no issues except WiFi. I have replaced the wifi card with the DW1560, yet can not get wifi to appear. Continue to say "no hardware installed". Any ideas or solutions? I'm using a wifi adapter and that works fine, but I'd rather use built in DW1560 card. EFI is attached. Thank you. EFI.zip
  4. That latest config.plist worked! I'll have to compare the working one with non-working one to see what changes you made so I learn. Only thing I had to do was move brcm files from L/E to Other Thank you so very much
  5. Unfortunately that didn't work. No matter what I try to boot from that hard drive (internal drive or USB) nothing boots. I just get Apple logo, but progress bar never appears. Almost like a boot up fil is missing. Here is latest EFI folder. Thanks for your patience and help. EFI.zip
  6. Trying to upgrade to Catalina 10.15.6 on my Dell Latitude 7470. I can boot fine from the USB, but not from internal drive with same EFI and kexts. When trying to boot from hard drive it goes to Apple logo but not progress bar. I'm stumped. Can anyone help please? I have attached my EFI folder. Thank you in advance for any assistance EFI.zip
  7. Hi, Jake has helped before but my e7470 laptop has no audio after sleep, and randomly shuts down and reboots. Attaching my patches, config, and kexts. If anyone can help, I'm very frustrated. Thanks again. Jacks e7470.zip
  8. I already have those kexts. Thank you. Do they go in "other" or L/E or does it matter? What about EAPD and Skiki. I also have those in "other". Still no audio after sleep Thanks Jack
  9. Jake helped me before but now whenever laptop (Dell Latitude e7470) goes to sleep, audio stops working requiring reboot. Can anyone help.? Files attached Thanks jacks e7470.zip
  10. Does this explain anything. This was just under "about this Mac".
  11. Thank you again as almost everything smooth. However when laptop lid is closed and then reopened (sleep) the Bluetooth is not available after sleep. Is there a setting for this? Thank you again Jack
  12. That works! Thank you so very much. I was stumped. Also can you share with me what Bios settings should be off? I have turned off: serial port, TPM security and legacy Bios. Do I need to drop anything else in Bios? Thank you again for your kind help Jack
  13. Thank you for you attention to this Jake. I've attached files produced with F4. In bios I have serial port = turned off, TPM turned off, legacy bios=turned off. AHCI, and no secure boot. The attachment marked sunday7470 doesn't boot, and just for comparison the one marked "this config boots" is the one that does booth but that without dropping OEM and I get no HDMI audio Thank you sunday7470.zip this config list boots.zip
  14. Thank you for your responses. I have "fix headers" selected, and have tried replacing "contents" in EFI/Clover as suggested by Jake but still fails to boot. My Bios indicates version 1.18.5. This screen shows where boot stalls
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