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  1. antikaz

    E6230 Mojave sleep, webcam, sound, cpu

    With 16000 not even the icon or the percentage does not appear at all. With 22000 got the icon back but still not working correctly.
  2. antikaz

    E6230 Mojave sleep, webcam, sound, cpu

    I tried 60 and 70. They didn't even update percentage.
  3. antikaz

    E6230 Mojave sleep, webcam, sound, cpu

    Wow, thanks. Added that FakePCIID and applied that config, generated new sn and everything seems to be working. I think these mistakes came from my previous high sierra.. And i guess i watched different kind of topics and tried to fix those. After all should have asked here first Only thing is that battery icon, seems like the percentage is now updating in both ways, but the icon does not show if it is plugged in or not.
  4. antikaz

    E6230 Mojave sleep, webcam, sound, cpu

    Ok, as you say, its fine.. But did you see something wrong with other stuff, those cam, sound and freezing related issues?
  5. antikaz

    E6230 Mojave sleep, webcam, sound, cpu

    To be exactly clear. it shows me that webcam is disconnected. Sometimes there is no sound. Speaker icon remains working and sliders and stuff are working but there is nothing coming out of the speakers. Charging percentage stuck. Changes only when i toggle On/Off. Battery status (charging/battery power) icon stays the way as it was when device booted up. Bus speed manually adjusted, thanks for that, like to be spot-on Idle processor speed seems a little high 1.2ghz. Under windows it was 800mhz. When i disconnect or connect the plug it goes down to 900 for about 1-2 seconds.
  6. Hi there, For quite some time, im having some issues. The main thing about these problems is that they aren't always here. 1. Cpu bus speed, instead of 100 mhz, it's at 99 mhz, which is weird cuz im getting clock rates for example 1.19ghz, 2.18ghz and the final is 3,37. From my knowledge under windows it at least showed me right ones: 1.2, 2,2 etc. i guess it isn't really the problem, since it is always like that and is not working "sometimes". Never seen here 3.6 ghz turbo boost speed.. 2. These other problems are somehow related to sleep or something like that. The weird thing is that they stop working randomly, after browsing the web for some hours and then out of no where i got no sound. Next time a situation like that and there is sound but the webcam doesn't work. It usually begins to work after couple of restarts. Anything other than SMBIOS 10.1 and my webcam doesn't work at all. Of course these problems appear when i need to make a quick facetime call, i open up the computer and seems like everything is falling apart . Apps won't open up correctly, meaning for example the chrome opens up, but nothing loads. When this occurs and i try to restart the computer, the screen goes black and that little loading thing stays there for i don't know long (i'm doing hard reset after 5 minutes). E: Another thing, charging percentage is not updating sometimes. It updates only when i toggle the percentage on/off. Charging too, it stays the way as i power on the pc. If turn on without the cord, it doesn't show that it is charging until i restart. When i do, it shows charging and it does not matter wheter plug the cord or not. In short it stays the way i turn on the computer.. I've updated some of my kext's but nothing. Seems more like some patching problem, but don't understand exactly where and what.a debug_31369.zip
  7. Hi, Im a bit in a corner with my sound, everything else seems to be working except I have no sound. Tried 4 different kext files and searched the forum, maybe you guys see the easy solution.. Here is my debug report. debug_14947.zip
  8. seems like i had some old generator or something. Downloaded new beta version, generated new ssdt and regenerated all the stuff and seems like it works.. In idle, processor speed is 1,2 and in load it goes up to 3.57ghz.
  9. Sorry about the misinformation, just tried that then, if maybe it makes any difference, but it didn't.
  10. disableturboboost is not installed To get the speeds over that 800 i must delete the ssdt file from patched.. i tried other ticks and whatnots. Now its working 1,2-3.4ghz Using DMAR, Drop oem, plugin type 1. in this screen shot i have my LE files, maybe some of them are unnecessary or causeing this weird situation
  11. Thanks ALOT! deleted the ssdt file and added those things black said. geekbench went from 1.9k to 7.1k
  12. I tried your ssdt, still nothing. I generated new file again and it didn't change a thing. In drop down, i had those three things, maybe misplaced.. i'll try to do figure out the right way.. On the other hand. When i wake up my computer from sleep, then i have a processor speed aroud 2-3k for a few seconds. Then i think some wrong item loads and it drops down to 800 and stays there. I'll search faq section in the evening. (Gotta work) Thanks so far
  13. Hi guys, I did my first setup today.. (actually it took 5 days). New at this osx stuff and don't know anything about coding. At first i had pre installation boot loop because of wrong (old) bios version, but at some point i figured it out and managed to make the install.. ofc i had wrong wifi card etc. So at some point i got pretty much everything working. camera, hdmi, audio works everywhere as well. Need some time and i will figure out how to dim the backlight . So. My cpu is stuck on like 8x what makes like 800mhz, live youtube videos are laggy (imo best option to measure if the setup is working) tried all sorts of stuff, two days.. cant even point out what i did. (and it goes to all the stuff i got working) just saying that at some point i accidentally put my kext files to 10.13 folder instead of Other and had to learn how to use shell to move those files to get the system booted up again. but about that cpu, i really dont know what to, i'll add archive which contains EFI, and hwmonitor picture. long story but i hope you can help me by giving me some suggestions what to try. efiboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded)sstat.zip