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  1. thank you very much I installed it after changing settings in clover
  2. Hello, I recently download mac os 10.14 when I downloaded clover latest version ,it causes boot loop I need clover compatible with my Lenovo z51-70
  3. Ok i understood thank you . Last thing, small issue with sleep When i wake from sleep mode Black screen Nothing appear I had to restart to run os again
  4. Hi Hervé, First, i don't understand that well as iam a beginner in that field So, your advice is to install AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer using kext utility only that Or i should do something else Sorry explain that simply as steps And thank you very much
  5. Hello, I recently installed high Sierra 10.13.3 instead of El Capitan on Lenovo z51-70 but I found that no audio devices I tried to install appleHda all_236.kext + Eapdfix and id device to 1 but nothing also tried voodoohda it runs but with analogue no hdmi and quality of sound and (large noise with mic when recording ) not as hdmi So, why hdmi not running ? attached debug report and Efi. and I want to thank all staff on that website for their efforts . debug_2866.zip EFI.zip
  6. Thank you, Jake Where i find disable tubrbo battery boost kext ? And i remove nullcpupower from clover folder Or from System/ library/ extensions And the last thing i want to ask you about I have amd r9 375m switched with intel hd5500 now i using intel display with 1536mb Can i install also amd r9 or what do you think?
  7. It is , i put dsdt.aml in patched acpi for fixing audio and it is running now . EFI.zip
  8. Hello , I installed mac os retail Elcapitan with all driver Just small issues with battery and brightness Firstly, I 'm not able to adjust brightness And brightness slider app is software add only dark layer on screen How to adjust screen from hardware ? The other issue is battery , In windows, i was able to make battery stop at 60% to increase battery life I want to know how to apply the same thing for El capitan ?
  9. When i downloaded combo update from store I found a new choice in clover It is( boot macos install from mac book ) On clicking on it Run and in the mid way , computer restart Again to clover Is there any solutions or boot flags ?
  10. ok thanks very very much, I will try all that and if there is a problem after that, I will attach a new debug report to be checked, manager
  11. sorry, I'm still beginner you advise me to install combo update can that solve my problem ? or after installation, I still need kext and bundles you have mentioned. or need a new image of high Sierra
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