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  1. Of course, i have checked clicking and drawing on my trackpad setting, when i start up my laptop, click and dragging have worked well for 30-45mins, but after that it have the problem as i have told above, and also the hot corners did not work too
  2. i am using asus k56cm, and have installed yosemite 10.10, i installed elan kext ver3.8.5 and also v4, but both have the problems: In the login screen, i double click on user symbol but nothing happen, i must press the left button When i use my laptop for a while, about 30mins, i have a problem with the draging function, i can drag item but i can not release them. After logging off, or shutting down, or restarting, it works normally
  3. Try use v 2.7.5 full worked on K56CM i'm tested thank. it works greatly
  4. try the most recent version 2.7.5 thank you. it work excellent on ml 10.8.4
  5. i am using the k56cm too. And i using iFail ml2 10.8.2 and also updated to 10.8.4..Can u suggest me which version of the driver in the first post i should install ? Thank you very much i also try the v4, everything ok but i only can drag item, i can not drag Windows
  6. sry, i am a newbie. i dont know how to check if my hackintosh has disable turbo boost on battery or not?
  7. after install kext, do i need to do something else, my touchpad work but it not multitouchpad. do i nees to enable this?. thank you in advance
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