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  1. I do that but not helpful for me! Try it after reset but happens the same: my display goes black but everything else not turning off.
  2. After a fresh install everything works on my E5480: BT,Audio,GPU,Trackpad(thanks to JakeLo and Hornless), so basically everything except Intel Wifi. But when I start to use my laptop I want to go sleep. And my Display goes black and turn off my keyboard illumination but not turned off because my power key still brightening. I don't know what is the problem but I attach my current EFI. Please if you have any solution share with me. Thanks EFI.zip
  3. After a couple of reboot. Still working so I think this problem is solved. Thanks to everyone.
  4. So, I installed OSX booting up and tired your kext again. And don't know why but NOW IT'S WORKING. You are a Superman. Thanks your and Jake help. Just one little thing. It's only working as a mouse device and not as a trackpad. So no multitouch options. Any chance to make working as Trackpad? Or at this point this the only way? Anyway thanks all help guys.
  5. Now i see my internal m2 ssd but my trackpad still not working. However i see a VoodooPS2Trackpad error message while booting my installer and VoodooI2CHID load error. Don't know this mean anything. I attach some photos. If you have some time please take a look at these jpegs. Thanks. P.S.: I still using Hornless patched DSDT.aml but doesn't help.(Or i can't see what help.)
  6. Still not working my trackpad. Any other idea? DSDT.aml is loaded but not help. Maybe the config.plist is not suite for my system? Any advice?
  7. Thanks for your help. I try it and wrote here my experience.
  8. I now i'm totally rookie but correct the name to what? Sorry i now but please help me.
  9. And put to the root or ACPI/patched?
  10. And here is my full spec.: Processor ManufacturerIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-6600U CPU @ 2.60GHz Clock Speed2,8Ghz L2 Cache Size512 TypeDescription DVD/CD-ROM Drives Disk Drives USB DISK 2.0 USB Device Seagate M3 SCSI Disk Device TOSHIBA KSG60ZMV256G M.2 2280 256GB Display Adapters NVIDIA GeForce 930MX Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 Sound Devices Intel(R) audi Realtek Audio USB Controllers Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller - 1.0 (Microsoft)
  11. I tried Hornless DSDT but no luck. So i do what you say to do and attach my origin folder. Please help me. Another observation is in disk utility i doesn't see my NVME SSD. Is this related to my DSDT? origin.zip
  12. Ok. You are totally right. Sorry for that. So if I use your config.plist I got kernel panic? Or I just need to use other kexts? Or this is not that so simple? Any chance to help me to make my device fully working ? I mean I able to boot up with another EFI but my Bluetooth , trackpad not working. Any advice?
  13. Sorry but any easier way ? I'm not familiar in DSD patching ! Maybe a prepared kext for my E5480? Again I'm not a developer!
  14. No. I simple use you EFI to boot up. How or where can I patch my dsdt? Sorry but in this I'm rookie. Thanks for you patience!
  15. Thanks man. I'm able to boot up but my trackpad doesn't work. Any ideas why ? Without trackpad not easy to operate my laptop.
  16. First, thanks for the reply. But still no luck. I removed the FakePCIID kext and use your kexts.zip and your config.plist but when i try start installer got the first image, i'm stuck here. If i use the standard unifail config.plist instead of you plist after a lot of loading i got the second image kernel panic. What's wrong with my EFI ? My E5480 is a i7 6600u model, is that matters? Anyway i attach my EFI, please take a look at that and help me. Thanks. EFI_utomi.zip
  17. So today i tired to install Mojave on my E5480 but it's not working. I use Rafael Siqueira EFI.zip and JakeLo config.plist but when i try to boot to the installer i got a kernel panic. I take a picture with my iPhone, please look it and help me. I'm stuck. EFI (1).zip config.plist.zip
  18. So today i tired to install but it's not working. I use your EFI.zip and JakeLo config.plist but when i try to boot to the installer i got a kernel panic. I take a picture with my iPhone, please look it if you can and help me. I'm stuck.
  19. Can you help me to tell me what is working on your system with Mojave and what's not working. I have i7-u6600 5480 and i want to try Mojave but frist i need to know some things. And maybe can you tell me where can i find a proper installation guide. Thank you very much for the answears.
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