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  1. i thought the same and one time i did a fresh install coz of this.. but i put 2 kext just delete the kexts inside plugin folders of both.. maybe your way should goes better )
  2. its working only if i use like f keys without fn, but a cannot put them with fn if i unselect "use f1 keys like standart" its no possible to put brightness control event viewer doesnt detect fn+*** keys any ideas? i have everything working except brightness without karabiner, if i use voodoops2controller i have ssdt.aml for remapping its possible to do smth similar with this driver? because voodooo is not compatible with my ALPS trackpad on inspiron 7559
  3. hello guys, have a question on my dell laptop 7559 problem with brightness keys a cannot remap them on proper fn+f11/f12 keys there is a trick with voodoo2controller that may work, so it possible to use trackpad driver from that topic and keyboard separate? because i like gestures and customization of this trackpad driver, and hate always mistakely touching trackpad while texting and no gestures on voodoo, but i really need voodoo2keyboard kext for trick with brightness controls any solutions, ideas?
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