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  1. Ok, also, as a side question, would that Mojave bootpack work for OS X Sierra? If not, can you please post one for the Inspiron 3558 if you have one? Thanks
  2. This is the EFI partition - so where would I install the clover folder? I didn't understand your last message - btw thank you for your continued help
  3. I went ahead and tried that, but now it's just showing a black screen without booting into clover. I have attached the updated EFI folder below EFI_2.zip
  4. Now it boots into clover, but it doesn't give me an option to boot into MacOS Mojave. I have attached the EFI folder below EFI.zip
  5. Ok so now it loads and I can see the clover screen, but when I select "boot from macos sierra" I see all the lines of code and it resets back to the clover screen CLOVER.rar
  6. When I try to boot from the USB drive, it either doesn't show up or it says the boot drive failed. What files would you need to help me solve this?
  7. Also, I'm a little confused n some terminology. What is a bootloader and how does it fit into the installation process?
  8. Does this laptop support hackintosh? Please Help. I am aware of the other forum post, but my laptop is slightly different, so I'm not sure that it will still support MacOS Sierra. I have attached the DxDiag DxDiag.zip
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