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  1. This is OC 0.7.3 with working trackpoint and upper trackpad buttons. I have issues only whit CMOS (RTC) error after restart. EFI.zip
  2. I have best results with DSDT. Test and tell how is work EFI.zip
  3. My fresh OC 0.7.0 for test (Serial is random) EFI.zip
  4. I don't have same machine and just try to make universal EFI (just for test). Maybe is good starting point or maybe no .ACPI patching is copy and paste from Rehabman Mojave Clover guide.
  5. Would you test that EFI (Serial Number is random) EFI.zip
  6. Is yours DeviceProperties look like this
  7. I have issues to boot without all patch in ACPI Boot only whit patch
  8. My IORegistryExplorer (ver. 3.0.2) save from today. I use Rehabman SSDT (modified) or my custom made DSDT. MacBook Pro.ioreg
  9. OC 0.6.9 for test EFI.zip
  10. I have issues with USBPorts.kext, and manage to run OC 0.6.8 on 11.2.3 only without EH01 and EH02 ( removed from USB ports ).... I use this EFI now and work stable ( BCM94352HBM work good too ) EFI-0.6.8-last.zip
  11. Update to OpenCore 0.6.8 EFI-0.6.8.zip
  12. I make new EFI with OpenCore 0.6.6 (my WI-FI card is BCM94352HBM) EFI-0.6.6.zip
  13. Is very a tricky... Read Here ( Purchase Date not Validated )
  14. If you have some issues whit trackpad (on my Probook works great) just delete VoodooPS2controller.kext + VoodooRMI.kext + VoodooSMBus.kext and use Rehabman VoodooPS2 1.9.2
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