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  1. I'm using the Version v4.7 beta 5 installed as kext in efi/clover/kexts with my Zenbook ux303la Elan Touchpad under Mojave 10.14.1. The use of the "real" fn key doesn't work excet Fn+F7 (mute display). However the shift + F* Keys work (in mode 1 with F2 and F3 as backlight). I tried to edit the config.plist in ApplePS2SmartTouchpad kext as described here: First I choose Mode 3 and Asus, but that didn't really fit. so I changed to Mode 2 and fine tuned it there (F5,F6 for Display Brightness,..) But it doesn't take the changes I made. Now both modes work at the same time. Context Button + F10 mutes Volume but I don't have Brightness within the Context Mode. with Shift F2 I can lower the display Brightness. How can I get Mode 2 work correctly as setup in the plist?
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