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  1. Thx so so much for helping me to install mac os mojave . It works
  2. Installing clover 2.4k and clover configurator (in virtual machine) and adding the files that you sent in /EFI/CLOVER ?
  3. i've did the same method in the video (this time without your shared file , the last time i've put it inside kexts file ) and these are what i found now
  4. no solution , i've tried even with high sierra and didn't work , can u advice me to follow a video tutorial about installing mojave/high sierra ? sorry but this is the first time i try to install mac os on my dell that's why i'm really noob to install can i use the same method of any dell latitude E5xxx laptop to install ?? and sorry for disturbing
  5. i've tried olarila tutorial to install mojave . i followed the step that are shown on the video below .when i boot from the usb it shows me "please go to panic.apple.com" . what should i do ??
  6. hello guys , this is the first post in this site i'm running windows 7 right now and i want to install mac os mojave on my dell latitude e5550 , but i don't have access to a mac computer. can anyone tell me about a method to install the os ? or maybe follow the steps of another dell laptop ? (sorry but i have a very limited knowledge about hackintosh .)
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