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  1. Update, I went to goodwill today and got an OEM dell charger. Plugged it in, and it is now charging and the battery percentage is correct.
  2. @Jake Lo the information on battery percentage in the bios matches what is shown I the OS. This made me think that there could be an issue with my power supply. After looking it over, it seems that it is not an OEM dell power supply but an HP(the output specs match that of a 65W dell). Also, in the BIOS it says that since the system does not recognize the PSU, the system may not work properly. Some backstory on this machine, my friend is a maintenance guy at an apartment complex and it was left in someones apartment that had moved. He grabbed it as he does a lot of things and didn't know how to wipe the OS so he gave it to me. I'm wondering if that's what he battery that was in it was acting like it was dead. I'm going to go test an OEM dell power supply and see if that fixes the issue. @eC//FrEaK From the reading that I had done before turning this into a hackintosh, it seemed that many people had issues if they had a newer bios than the A11 and that's what my machine had on it so I decided to just leave it. I did notice some people on here showing that they have a newer bios version so I could give that a try as well. As for the battery, it is an OEM dell battery but like I told Jake Lo above I think it's the PSU that is the issue. I'll report back after I find out what the issue is. Thanks,
  3. @Jake Lo thanks for the info, I'm using a tp-link usb Wi-Fi nano wifi card for now but I think I'm gonna order the DW1510 and get it installed. For anyone interested in a USB Wi-Fi card that works in Mojave(I couldn't find a manufacturer that would guarantee it). I have the TP-Link TL-WN725N version 3. They cost about 10 bucks, and the driver from their website for 10.13.xxx gets it installed and working just fine. Just be sure to reboot after install. One last issue I'm having(which I didn't know about right away because I didn't want to put any money into this laptop before I got it working well). The battery that was in the machine was completely dead, but I got a new one and now it is only showing that it has charged to 59%. I checked out the settings in the BIOS and all of the charging settings seem to be standard(A11 BIOS). Any ideas? I tried installing the ACPIPOWERMANAGER.kext into S/L/E and had no luck.
  4. Looks like it is an Intel Ultimate N 633ANHMW which seems like it wouldn't be compatible. I'll check out the list of compatible cards and go from there. Thanks for the link to the guide, it has a lot of good information in it I will more thank likely use it to help rebrand like you did. Would you mind sharing which card you have? Thanks!
  5. It definitely is an Intel card - Intel Ultimate N 633ANHMW is the model. I'll check out that forum post for the info on compatible cards. Thanks!
  6. Hello and thanks for the guide! It helped me with getting Mojave running on my E6330. I'm just having one issue and that is the Wi-Fi, the OS doesn't seem to be recognizing the Wi-Fi card, however it is recognizing bluetooth. This is really the only issue that I have, any ideas? If you need me to post any of my info just let me know. Thanks!